American Airlines: Mum’s horror as piece of plane falls on child’s head

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MUM has told of the terrifying moment a piece of an aircraft’s ceiling crashed down on her baby’s head on an American Airlines flight.

And Jennifer Zanone, 33, has slammed the airline, claiming its planes are “falling apart” and that staff showed little concern when she reported the incident.

The angry mum posted this picture on Facebook after the plane's ceiling fell on her baby's head

Jennifer had just arrived in Dallas, Texas on a flight from Hong Kong on Saturday when a ceiling panel, with an oxygen tank attached, dislodged and fell from above her, landing on the head of her one-year-old son who was sitting on her lap.

In a Facebook post the angry mum said she was forced to wait 90 minutes before reporting the accident.

She wrote: “We were directed to wait for a gate agent to document the incident but no one met us at the gate.

“We stood there waiting for an agent and our stroller until the captain himself walked off the flight and apologised to us.

“After leaving the gate area, we went to the next customer service area to try to report the incident and were given the run around for 1.5 hours and have made no progress.”

Jennifer said the incident didn’t cause her child to bleed but she wanted what had happened to be officially noted should anything come of it.

She said: “I just want documentation of the incident in case something shows itself later since it was a heavy item that fell directly on his head.”

Jennifer said she was “extremely disappointed” with the airline’s response.

The mum said she was disgusted with the airlines response

She added: “While the apologies were appreciated, documentation of the incident would have been preferred as a piece of the plane fell directly on my child’s head and that is not OK.

“Fly American Airlines with extreme caution.”

In an attempt to discuss the matter with American Airlines, Ms Zanone sent them a message via Facebook.

She posted: “A gate agent didn’t meet us at the gate to file a report, and we waited for over 1.5 hours at customer service and supervisors were too busy to come help us.

“Your planes are falling apart and hurting people … at least have the decency to make sure to follow incident reporting procedures. Why do customers have to turn to social media to get anything done?”

In a statement to Texas’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram, American Airlines said its “primary concern is for the Zanone family and their young child” and that it was “in the process of reaching out” to Jennifer.


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