Qantas makes history as they prepare to operate world’s first biofuel flight from Australia to the US – and you’ll never guess what it’s powered by

Qantas is set to fly a plane powered by mustard from Australia to the US in the world’s first biofuel flight. Early next year the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will fly to Los Angeles on a mix of standard jet fuel and 30 percent biofuel made from a type of mustard seed, The Sydney Morning Herald […]

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Emirates’ new first-class suites for Boeing 777s are inspired by Mercedes-Benz

Emirates, which operates the world’s biggest fleet of long-haul aircraft, has thrown its weight behind the future of first-class travel, pouring millions into an upgrade of the ultra-luxury category on its Boeing 777 aircraft even as other carriers dispense of the biggest berths. President Tim Clark showcased the new design on the opening day of […]

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